Naches Trio is a Czech-German instrumental trio whose music is inspired by the rhythmical and meditative melodies and improvisations of klezmer and yiddish music from Eastern Europe.  The three musicians create an atmosphere of times gone by and take their audience into a world of playful and graceful traditional melodies and dance tunes through their pulsating rhythms and dreamy fantasies.  

Anchored in the traditional style of playing as well as open to whatever the present moment inspires, their musical expression finds its own new paths. Intertwining voices meet and enrich each other with a magical palette of sound nuances and timbres, both vigorous and tranquil.   

NACHES – this is the joy from the original arrangements and improvisations, based on the thorough search and understanding of the subtleties of the klezmer style, and of the personal thoughts and emotions of the musicians.